Teaching middle eastern dance  technique




Adult Beginners and Intermediate Bellydance: Wednesdays: 6 pm - 7 pm - The Burgage Hall, Church Lane, Ledbury, Herefordshire

Cost: £25 for a session of 6 classes (Payable at first class) 
 -or- £6 for one-class 'taster'. 

Minimum Fitness Level Required: Able to stand and move without difficulty; some flexibility Please let the instructor know if you have any health issues that she needs to be aware of.
Goals: Good foundation in basic movements; Simple dance choreographies; Fun; Fitness; Performance ability (if desired) Method: Gradual building of steps and movements and basic dance choreographies. Gradual introduction of dance props such as veils, zills, canes and swords. Recommended class clothing: You need to be comfortable and not constrained by your clothing therefore jeans and other day clothes are usually not appropriate. Basic work-out clothes are recommended, e.g., leotards/leggings/ leggings/jogging/sweatpants,/long, loose skirt; Footwear - ballet shoes, travel slippers, bellydance dance shoes or similar or bare feet – Please, NO Sneakers, running shoes, athletic shoes, or day shoes. Hip scarf optional but recommended. A basic bellydance hip scarf can be purchased from the instructor.

Students interested in performance opportunities, and who have reached an appropriate skill level, are invited to join the student dance troupe - FAZLUNA.

 Some comments about Fazluna dance troupe performances:

'You were fabulous, so colourful, so fluid in your movements.'

'Just a real pleasure to watch.'

'Really enjoyed your performance.'

Weekly Class